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were required to register under the federal Wetterling Act.As we mentioned earlier, the Act now requires that all states register juvenile sex offenders 14 years or older whose offense (or attempted offense) was comparable to or more severe than aggravated sexual abuse.Alabama Arkansas Arizona Colorado Idaho Illinois Indiana Minnesota Mississippi Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Nevada New Jersey North Carolina Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Texas Washington Other states have policies that allow juvenile offenders the chance to petition the courts for relief from registration requirements after they have had an appropriate period of crime–free community adjustment and stability.This approach allows for juveniles to “prove” themselves while receiving targeted interventions, and affords them the chance to use the skills they have acquired during this period of supervision to reintegrate themselves successfully back into the community without having to register throughout their adulthood.

Obviously, states that require juvenile sex offenders to register have to consider not only which agency will assume responsibility for maintaining the juvenile registry, but also what kinds of information should be included as part of the registry.A court hearing is then scheduled to hear evidence in each individual case.In order to protect the interests of juvenile offenders while balancing the interests of community safety, some states have established separate registries for juvenile and adult sex offenders.For example, Idaho’s approach allows the state to maintain a separate registry for juvenile sex offenders that is accessible to the public only after they have requested information from the police or through the state’s Web site.In Michigan, juveniles have been included on the registry that is available to law enforcement, but until they turn 18 their names are not included on the public registry, which is available on the Internet.

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