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As an overclocker, tester, and reviewer, I always move to the latest chipset if I decide to upgrade my CPU, and of course not an H/B or something chipset, I go to the root chipset - that means Z170/Z270. Then press the button on the picture for six seconds (button will vary from board to board).But, if you still want to stay on Z170, here's a comparison of the two designs and a must-do List to make your shiny new Kaby Lake CPU work on it. You will see the LED on it flashes as it reads the flash drive, then it will stop. Analyze your current PC Before you do anything else, make sure your case supports the form factor (ATX, Micro ATX, and so on) of the new board you plan to purchase.You'll probably be upgrading your CPU at the same time, so make sure your new processor is compatible with your new motherboard.A lot of people kept their Z170 board, sold their Intel Skylake CPU, and bought the new Kaby Lake CPU. After a while, it's all set, and you are ready to go.Then all you have to do is install the new CPU and be done with it, right? ASUS USB BIOS Flashback Procedure: https://com/technology/rog-motherboard-innovations/USB-BIOS-flashback/ ASUS Z170 Motherboards with USB BIOS Flashback feature: Enjoy Kaby Lake Power!RAM is easy: Lower the levers on the RAM slots, line up the notch in the module with the slot's protrusion, then press the chip until both levers lock. Intel's and AMD's designs vary, sometimes between their own lines, but today's processors and sockets are keyed so it's hard to orient a CPU incorrectly.

Your new motherboard will come with its own, designed for the board's port arrangement.

Depending on whether you have a full-retail or OEM version, you may have to repurchase Windows. Remove components and cables from your old motherboard Speaking of Windows, you'll need to decide if you're going to install your new motherboard and keep your existing Windows installation in place, or take the opportunity to wipe your boot drive and start from scratch.

If you do the second, have your Windows and application discs handy.

If you have more than two IDE drives, be sure your new board has a second IDE connector.

Be mindful of Windows' licensing requirements—replacing a motherboard can necessitate reactivating Windows.

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