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The earliest trace of human settlement are several La Tène era graves to the east of Langdorf.

The Roman road from Oberwinterthur (Vitudurum) to Pfyn ran through what is now the Allmend in Frauenfeld.

Erching had a manor house, twelve houses, at least one mill, and probably also a church in Oberkirch.

In the 13th century, Erching formed a self-contained manor farm complex and was occupied by a Habsburg Vogt after in 1270.

Between 1500/15 and again in 1712, Frauenfeld was the site of the Tagsatzung assembly. As the city grew in importance, the houses around the castle grew into a weakly fortified city.

After 1499 it was also the home of a Confederation court. The city was separated by a wall and moat from the castle.

As the Habsburgs sought to consolidate their position in the Thurgau, they granted the castle to one of the most important families of the Habsburg gentry, the Landsbergers. Between 14 the city was under the auspices of an imperial provincial governor.

After 1442 it temporarily fell back under Austrian control, then in 1460, the Thurgau (including Frauenfeld) was captured by the Swiss Confederation.

In the 15th century the city was slowly fortified, but even in 1460 the outer rows of houses were not protected by city walls.Frauenfeld had been a political center under the Austrian Habsburgs.Under the Confederation, it grew into the center from which the Confederates managed the entire Thurgau.The tower was for a long time in the hands of the Knights of Frauenfeld-Wiesendangen.The political, social and economic background of becoming a city before 1286 are not clear: the relations of the early governors of Frauenfeld to the Kyburgs and Habsburgs are not clear.

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The village was inhabited by the knightly family of Hörigen (who were allied with Reichnau) and several other knightly families who were allied with the Habsburg and Kyburg families.

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