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His announcement – made official by a White House memorandum about a month later – cited “tremendous medical costs and disruption” to military units, but it caught top Pentagon officials by surprise.

That order reversed a year-old Obama administration policy allowing transgender individuals to serve openly and approving payments for surgeries and treatments deemed medically necessary.

“The Supplemental Health Care Program will cover this surgery in accordance with the Department’s interim guidance on transgender servicemembers.” The active-duty soldier underwent the operation in a Pennsylvania hospital, Acting Army Secretary Ryan Mc Carthy said Wednesday.

The presentations were judged by distinguished figures in Australian science including Cosmos editor-in-chief Elizabeth Finkel.Students from Cambridge University have compiled a database containing more than a thousand films and television programmes that show non-consensual sexual interactions, according to the Times.The project is aimed at helping sexual assault survivors avoid any potentially traumatic scenes that could trigger flashbacks.Samantha van Staden, the site's director and a human, social and political sciences third-year student at Newnham College, told the Times: 'We want to give survivors the agency to make choices about the kind of media they engage with.'A lot of this came from our own personal experiences, knowing people who were survivors of rape and sexual assault.'There's a lot less attention given to the smaller struggles of recovering normal life than there is to the broader process of recovering from an experience like that.' Figures show almost one in five women in England and Wales has been a victim of a sexual offence as an adult while one in 14 adults were abused as a child.

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