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Everyone with Greek citizenship is entitled to a Greek national ID or police identity card (δελτίου αστυνομικής ταυτότητας/(deltiou astynomikis tautotitas), although only those permanently living in Greece really need one.Used in all public and private transactions, it is required to get an , sign a contract (lease, work, prepaid phone or subscription, utility bills, purchase a home), take part in examinations, enroll in school or a university, see a state doctor, register for state insurance, collect unemployment, get married, receive pension payments and so much more.However, most people keep the same Greek ID until they die and a June 2009 law only states that they must be replaced every 15 years.The majority of Greek citizens feel no need to update or exchange their IDs, which causes problems for passport control, airlines and other border authorities because grown adults will have ID photos of themselves as teenagers.All residents and visitors to Greece should carry some form of identification at all times.Failure to produce proof at the request of law enforcement officials could result in temporary detention, while your identity is established and verified. However, ‘Comments’ reflect a specific case and/or whatever laws were in effect at that time.

In 1911, he served against the Italians in Libya and then in the Balkan Wars (1912 - 1913).

*Many official websites and other online sources say that the mandatory age to get a Greek ID is 14 years.

This is incorrect, which they should know if doing proper research and updates.

These reforms included the emancipation of women, the abolition of all Islamic institutions and the introduction of Western legal codes, dress, calendar and alphabet, replacing the Arabic script with a Latin one.

Abroad he pursued a policy of neutrality, establishing friendly relations with Turkey's neighbours.

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