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Only days before Christmas, he completes his story and the rest, as they say, is history, or rather in this case, a Christmas classic. The story not only reawakened Dickens’ career but also reinvigorated Christmas.The book’s message of giving substantially spurred charitable donations that year among the Victorians and has continued to touch hearts for generations to come. He pitched the idea of a “Christmas ghost story” to his publisher who was not interested.Dickens feels certain his idea would captivate readers so he decides to publish on his own even though the story was still just being fleshed out and he struggled with an ending.The move stars Patti Maguire Armstrong and her husband have ten children. She is an award-winning author and was managing editor and co-author of Ascension Press’s Amazing Grace Series. Description The Cheney Brothers Historic District encompasses approximately 175 acres and includes the 18th-century Cheney Family Homestead, several 19th-century mansions built by the Cheney Brothers and their descendants, some two dozen mill buildings dating from as early as 1886, several schools and churches either built by the Cheneys or situated on land donated by them, and about 210 individual and multifamily mill houses either constructed or purchased by the Cheney Brothers Manufacturing Company between 18 for use by its mill operatives.Collectively these form what Harper's Weekly editor Henry Loomis Nelson described in 1890 as "in many respects..most attractive mill village in the country." Nelson was impressed especially with the community's park-like surroundings; absence of fences, pigsties, chicken coops, and litter; and rows of neat, well-kept workers' residences which represented "every phase of the spirit of rural architecture."[1] If today he could return to South Manchester, which is part of the town of Manchester, probably he would be pleased that relatively few physical changes have occurred in the Cheney Brothers Historic District.

Cheney Brothers, Inc., utilizes eight of the mills, and various other owners and tenants occupy the rest., opening in theaters, Friday, November 22, chronicles the story behind the classic Christmas tale.It’s a Dickens’ story to be sure, with all the drama, harshness and delight of Jolly Old Victorian England.During and after the 1930's the company disposed of its utilities, most of whose structures lay far outside the present historic district.In recent years the South Manchester Railroad tracks have been removed and several railroad buildings demolished.

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