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For example, without dumping all into the community, I wouldn't be where I am in my career, and I would not have discovered things about what I want to do in that career.

Now factor in what I described is the sign of an extremely obsessive, insecure, and potentially depressed personality with no actual definition of "self" outside of community, work, and kids. " Now factor in the strict clinical definition of what you go through in a divorce - it's akin to significant loss (e.g a death in the family).

Except I made the same error I have made, time and again, in my life. If I had not gotten involved, fought for what I did, did what I did I would not have: So I have a lot to thank many of you for - Jacob, Alex, Guido, Van, Jessica, and many others.

Let me be clear - without my involvement in the Python/Py Con/PSF community, activity on twitter, hacker news, et al my career and "me" would not be where it is. Many people reached out to me and told me I was a mentor or inspiration to them after my last post; let me be clear - each person I have interacted with has been a mentor to me. But I can take a step back and admit that "fighting large scale fights of philosophy, politics and human motivation" is a sinkhole.

They were both sporting ball caps, and Jesse added a hoodie as they left the theater.

I like to think I "won" some of the fights to make "my" corner of the world a better place.As for the timing -- Jesse recorded a cameo for Jay-Z's "Footnotes from " where he slammed people for claiming he'd casually ended his 13-year marriage just for a "cute girl" he was working with at the time.In my last post I opened up a fair amount of personal "stuff" much like one of those superfund sites "opens up".Whether its our tribes or our job, it's easily to blur (see: overjustification) "I am doing this for me and my self satisfaction" and "I am doing this because I will get cheese at the end of this and they need it from me". The dopamine highs of arguing endlessly on the internet, of running a conference, of being "loved" were so strong they overrode "real life". As we went through this little slice of hell, what was best for our kids above what was best for us was top of mind.Now, factor in the following: I've learned - the hard way - that investing yourself into certain things can net you things you didn't have.

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Unless you have good personal boundaries and a clear objective for success (e.g.

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