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Jesus' kingdom is a welcoming kingdom; however, there are many ways that churches can unintentionally exclude people.

Erecting straw men from the pulpit and them knocking them down will turn off people who feel differently than the preacher does.

Exclusion can also happen when the majority race fails to pursue with intentionality a plan to racially diversify the church.

Unfortunately, young drivers are statistically more at risk of a road related car crash and injury.

We provide a programme which offers opportunities for experts to visit schools and pass on vital knowledge that may well save lives, with minimal staff or planning time required.

JSOs receive a guide full of supporting information, a badge and continued support from Road Safety Officers and staff from Cheshire Constabulary.

Every child with severe learning disabilities is paired with an adult buddy who assists that child in their Sunday School classes.

Inclusion is rooted in a church's conviction that we are to express the huge heart of Jesus toward the whole world.

If the church's message regarding political involvement is simply centered on two issues — preventing abortion and homosexual marriages — then that church may exclude from participation others who believe that in addition, we have an obligation to provide healthcare for the uninsured, we desperately need serious immigration reform, and we need to care for our environment.

Exclusion happens when we assume that everyone thinks just like us and especially when we caricature people whose political perspectives are different than ours.

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