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How can a tube as flimsy as a mosquito's proboscis be stiff enough to act as a hollow boring tool?

What is it made of and what is the typical wall thickness of this amazing auger?

It’s also considered one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe.

Why do I, or any other human, get sore and cracked heels?And although the city sometimes gets a bad press for its loud streets and haze of pollution, Santiago has a shed load of ambition, culture and quirkiness waiting to captivate international students and tourists alike.Claiming the title of the ‘’, or ‘country of poets’, Chile adds a strong cultural offering to its natural landscape’s visual beauty.Read on for more on what it’s like to study in Chile, and an overview of the country’s highest ranked universities.On the map, Chile is easily located as Argentina’s much skinnier neighbor; what it lacks in breadth it more than makes up for in length, extending 4,270km along the western coast of South America.

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